Color by Amber – April Color Club Box

Color by Amber - April Color Club Box


Back to Work Fashion

So the time is nearing that my maternity leave will end.  So I thought this week’s post would be about back to work fashion.  Now I’m by no means a fashion expert, nor do I feel I have good style 🙂  I’ve always wanted to feel ‘stylish’, but I’m just not one who is good at putting outfits together.  My goal now that I’m going back to work, is to be able to put together more stylish outfits.  The best place to start I think is to get some essential clothing items: tan and black dress pants, a blazer, white button up long sleeve shirt, a cute cardigan, and a blouse.

I found a pin awhile back on Pinterest, from a blogger about mixing and matching a few clothing items and getting several different outfits out of these few things.  Check out her blog here:
I think an issue I had when purchasing clothing was, I would find a cute top or some cute pants and just buy items that I like.  However, I could only create one or two outfits.  Boring.  So I think I need to scan my closet for some essentials that I can mix and match other items with.

I discovered this website where you can create collages of different items.  Whether it be fashion, beauty, or even décor.  I’m sure it’s been around for awhile as Pinterest has, but I just discovered it and think it’s pretty neat.  I think I will definitely use it for home décor ideas later!  Anyways its called Polyvore.

Here are a couple outfits I put together that I think are quite simple but stylish.

work attire1

work attire3work attire2

The last collage I thought I would put together has 3 outfits.  I picked one item you could mix and match with other items.  I chose Tan Dress Pants as they are a popular item in everyone’s closet!

work attire4

Hope you enjoyed!
(Now I just have to convince my hubby to let me do some back to work clothing shopping 😉 )