Family Room Decor (part 1)

I’ve been staring at a blank wall above our tv since we moved into our house, which was 3 years ago.  I think it’s time I spruce it up.  I’ve been gathering ideas on Pinterest that I think might work.  What I really would like is a collage of picture frames.   Not too many that it will look cluttered, but just enough to make it look not so bare.

So this is what it looks like at the moment…


I think I may need to move around some other things too once I get started.  Below are a couple ideas I have.  I would like to include a wood ‘W’ like the one in the top right picture.  And I really wanted to make the ‘LOVE’ wood rosette sign (bottom right).  However, it just wouldn’t work anywhere in the house.  So maybe I can  make a small one and work it in the collage if it.  Though it may be a bit too much I think.  This would be a great place finally for a family photo.  Lainey is going to be a year old and I don’t think we have one family photo.  I think we better get that done 🙂

tv stand decor

So hopefully I can get to this project sooner than later and have an update with a Part 2 to this post 🙂