DIY Foaming Handwash or Bodywash

Awhile ago I saw a post on Pinterest on how to make your own Foaming Handwash/Bodywash.  It’s super easy and it gets you the most for your buck.  For me I love to use the Burts Bees – Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash for my LO at bath time.  It’s usually about $10.  I like the better stuff for Lainey because she has eczema.  The only thing is you can go through that stuff so fast because the bottle isn’t that big.  So when I found this on Pinterest I was excited to use her Burt’s Bees wash this way.

I got the idea from this blog here.  You have to make sure you use a foaming soap dispenser or it won’t work.  Here is one I found from Bath and Body Works

 Here is what you need:
– Foaming soap dispenser
– Your favorite hand soap or body wash
–  Warm to Hot Water

Now in the other post I believe they use 1TBSP of soap and the rest water.  I started using a bit more because I like it more soapy as I thought the ratio had too much water than soap.  Then fill the container with Warm to Hot Water.  Don’t fill it up too fast or too full as you’ll get it everywhere!  You’ll want enough room at the top so it doesn’t overflow.  Then just pump away.  Now if your using a baby wash to refill, and the container had other hand soap or something else you wouldn’t want to wash your baby with, make sure you clean out the pump.  Then pump a bunch of times so you get the old stuff out.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Now my $10 for her wash goes so far! and I don’t mind getting the more expensive stuff.

DIY Babylegs

So I got a pair of babylegs as a gift for Lainey’s baby shower.  They are so cute so I had to find a way to make some for myself.  I wanted to make a whole bunch so if I would have bought this many at the store it would get quite pricey.  This Mom made her own :

I love this tutorial, I didn’t realize how super easy these were to make.  After shopping around I found the best place to find them here in Canada were at Target.  They have tons of colors to choose from and I think I paid only $3.  So far I made 3 pairs, which is still less than what I would pay for the original from the store for one.

Here are the steps:

1) Cut off the toe part of the sock and the heel.  So make one cut right before the heel starts.  Or you can cut off a little bit less if you have a shorty like my LO.  Then the next cut right before the toe.


2) Next make the cuff for the bottom of the legging.  Run a stich down one side on each cuff piece.  This will just make it smaller so it will fit around their ankle.


3) Now fold the cuff in half inside of itself (which will have the seam edge now inside, if that makes sense)

You should have now 4 pieces total.  2 for each:


4) Now to attach it to the main piece.  Turn the cuff pieces upside down and slide on main piece.  Your raw edges should be lined up.  Now stich together.  Then unfold right side out.



babylegs pic

DIY Chew Bead Necklace

Being the crafty new Mom that I am, I enjoy making things myself. Even though this usually ends up being more work in the long run, but it’s usually a whole lot cheaper. So recently I saw some Mom’s wearing those necklaces that are safe for babies to chew. I had no idea the babies liked them so much and that it feels so good for when they are teething. So Lainey finally really started teething these past 2 weeks. And I thought I might buy one. So I looked online see what styles were available and around what price they were. So they ended up being $20-30 for these silicone beads. So I didn’t want to spend that much on them so I looked online to see if anywhere sold just the beads so I could make one myself. I went to Etsy and they sold individual beads as well as the necklaces. They were a bit cheaper but then once you ad shipping they end up being the same price. Then I found out from some other Mommy bloggers on that Michaels had some for sale in the kids section in their bins. Now when I read the post it was already May and they had them out around Easter time. So I went and hoped to find some. I couldn’t find any until I went back to look for other things and they had one set left of the oval beads. I prefer these ones over the round ones as they look a bit nicer, that’s just my personal opinion. They were about $8 and still regular price. But hey that’s a lot cheaper than what they sell the Chewbeads brand ones for. But they had a 50% off coupon on their app today and I still had a $1 left on my Michaels gift card. I was quite happy with my bargain! Especially since Lainey already seemed quite interested in them. She saw me holding them and wanted to chew on them already. So I got right on it when I got home as she was having quite a rough day with those teeth coming in. That poor girl 😦

Anywho here is the necklace I made…

So here is what they looked like when I bought them. They came on an elastic beading thread already. But A) she would break it for sure and B) I didn’t want it to be stretchy. If she’s going to be pulling on it, it’s going to keep snapping back and hitting me. (LOL not fun!)

IMG_0484[1]So I took the beads off the elastic thread they used and threaded 1/8″ ribbon through it.  I thought since it will be in her mouth this is something easy to clean and okay to be in her mouth.  Here is the ribbon I picked up from Michaels for $0.59 !

I decided to use two strands as the beads are rather heavy being that they are made out of silicone.  Then after I threaded each bead on I tied a knot after each one to keep in place and in case it might break.

Here is the final result…

IMG_0487[1]   IMG_0491

lainey beads

Sleep Sack for Lainey

After my little girl started growing out of her sleep sack I decided it was time for a new one.  I didn’t realize how pricey they were as the one I had, was given to me as a baby shower gift. So I looked at the one she had and thought it couldn’t be that hard to make one myself. So I looked online at some other Moms had made and it looked like something I could do. So I decided to make one for her. Since summer is approaching I wanted to make her one out of lighter fabric, and the other plus I could choose a unique fabric too. So I went off to the fabric store and picked up all my supplies and then cut out my pattern. Now I decided to make a trial one first so I could make all my mistakes on that one. After it was done I have to say I’m pretty proud doing it all myself.  The only thing after I did the trial one I was so excited to start the final project that I forgot to take pictures of the first couple steps.  So I missed the first couple pictures of the individual pieces 🙂

1) So the first thing I did was trace out a pattern on wax paper using the sleep sack she’s still wearing.  I traced a front piece and a back piece.  Now in my trial run I made the mistake of just cutting out one large piece for the front and one large piece for the back.  Now I’m a beginner sewer so I show my Mom what I’m doing so she can give me sewing tips as I went along.  So she mentioned to me to make a pattern by tracing half of the front and half the back.  Then when you cut it out just fold the fabric in half to get your double pieces.

Now before I cut it out I decided to make myself another pattern for a bigger size.  So it should last at least till she is about 9-10 mths old.  I added an extra inch to the sides to make it wider and then about 3 inches to the bottom to make it longer.  Then once I had my larger pattern I began cutting out the fabric.  When I cut out my pattern on the fabric I had 2 pieces for the front (as this sleep sack I wanted the zipper right down the middle in the front), and then one large piece for the back.

So I cut the pieces for the outside, and then the same for the lining.  Now if I had remembered to take pictures I would have a picture showing 3 different pieces.  Two front pieces and one back piece.  You can look at image 1 what one side of the front looked like.

2)  When I had all my pieces cut out I was ready to sew the outside layer to the inside lining.  So each piece that was the same I put them together and sewed together.  What I did, which maybe someone else might not have done is I just sewed the raw edge with a zig zag stitch.  It’s not the cleanest but it’s in the inside so I didn’t mind.

1) IMG_0196  2) IMG_0201
3) IMG_0200

3)  Then once the pieces were together I could sew on the bias tape for the edging around the top.

4)  Then I put in the zipper.  And since the zipper has those rough edges I wanted to make a little flap to cover it so it wouldn’t be rubbing up against her skin.

4) IMG_0198   IMG_0199

5)  Once the front was together with the zipper I could finish it up and sew the front piece to the back piece.

5)  IMG_0202     IMG_0203     IMG_0204

6)  Lastly, it was time for the snaps.  I could have also done maybe buttons instead but I haven’t mastered the button yet 🙂

And there you have it, another project complete!!

6)  IMG_0206    IMG_0205