Toddler Girl’s Room Decor

Hi again.  It has been forever since I last made a blog post so I thought I should post something at least!
I’ve been so crazy busy the past month and a bit between moving, trying to build a house, tax season craziness to working on my recipes for my products.  I have to say though my NU.BABEE products are amazing.  I just finalized my lotion recipe and it is so silky smooth I can’t get enough of it!  I’m hoping to be ready soon to contact our local Farmer’s and Crafter’s Market to see if I can get in there maybe in June/July.  I’m pretty excited!

I’ve been doing some browsing over Pinterest for Toddler Girl’s Room Ideas as I’m starting to plan Miss Lainey’s new room in our new house.  So,I thought I would share some of my finds.

Toddler Girl


Restoration Hardware Holiday Catalog is Here!

The Restoration Hardware Baby & Child Holiday catalog is here!

rh baby catalog

I just looked through it today, and I’m already thinking of some things I may get for my LO.  I don’t know if there are any other crazy Restoration Hardware fans out there, but I get super excited when a new catalog comes out.  My favourite is all the baby things.  If I could have a shopping spree at their store, I think Lainey’s bedroom would be almost entirely Restoration Hardware.  Probably the rest of the house too 😉

I thought I would share a few things I found in their catalog that caught my eye.  Take a look for yourself at their holiday items on their website:


I had to share this photo as well.  Isn’t this LO so cute!  I almost have to buy Lainey these booties and hat because of this picture.  What do you think?

cute pic_RH_edit

Take care!

15 Fall Decorating Ideas


I’m not one to decorate for each season.  I tend to mostly go all out for Christmas, and that’s about it for seasonal decorating.  After browsing through Pinterest I found some ideas I might like to use.  This inspired me to maybe spruce up the place for fall.  Thought I would share some fall decorations I found for around the house.  Enjoy!

You can find links for these ideas on my Pinterest board

Home Organization

I thought I would devote this week’s blog post to Home Organization.  Lately I’ve been in the mood to spruce up the house a bit.  Maybe I want it to look like adults still live here amongst all the kiddie toys 🙂

Ensuite Bathroom

When we were planning to build our house there were some things that were a must and one of them was a large ensuite bathroom.  I didn’t mind if there was a tub or just a shower or combo etc., but there had to be two sinks!  After living in a condo with an itsy bitsy bathroom to share and store all of my ‘stuff’ I was so happy to have some storage.  However, even though I have all the space it’s not really organized and I just have stuff there.  What I would love is organization piece in the middle of the two sinks like in this picture:


Office Organization

The home office is always in need of organization or redecorating.  If it’s one place you spend a bit of time, you want it to be comfortable but well organized as well.

Kids Room Organization

Is it possible for a kids room to be organized?  Though my little one isn’t quite a big kid yet and still in the baby phase learning to walk, I find she can still make quite a mess in her room.  I have the Ikea Expedit shelving unit in her room with two storage boxes and those have helped so much keeping her books organized.  As well having the storage boxes you can keep things that just need to be put away and it not look messy.  Here are some organization ideas:

kids organization

Pantry Organization

Is your pantry messy or disorganized like this one?

Mine sort of resembles this state of clutter.  Wouldn’t you want to transform it to look like this? I do!

Linen Closet Organization

When I think of my linen closet I think of one hot mess. Lol.  I think I just have so much in there that I just fold and put it in there to fit.  Here are some great inspirational ideas to get your linen closet looking neat and tidy.

linen closet

Bedroom Closets

Wouldn’t we all love a huge walk-in closet like you see on TV.


Here’s an idea I found to organize a small closet



I was just thinking that after reading this blog post, you’ll think that my house must pretty disorganized.  🙂

Family Room Decor (part 1)

I’ve been staring at a blank wall above our tv since we moved into our house, which was 3 years ago.  I think it’s time I spruce it up.  I’ve been gathering ideas on Pinterest that I think might work.  What I really would like is a collage of picture frames.   Not too many that it will look cluttered, but just enough to make it look not so bare.

So this is what it looks like at the moment…


I think I may need to move around some other things too once I get started.  Below are a couple ideas I have.  I would like to include a wood ‘W’ like the one in the top right picture.  And I really wanted to make the ‘LOVE’ wood rosette sign (bottom right).  However, it just wouldn’t work anywhere in the house.  So maybe I can  make a small one and work it in the collage if it.  Though it may be a bit too much I think.  This would be a great place finally for a family photo.  Lainey is going to be a year old and I don’t think we have one family photo.  I think we better get that done 🙂

tv stand decor

So hopefully I can get to this project sooner than later and have an update with a Part 2 to this post 🙂

Girl Bedroom Ideas

I love Style at Home’s ‘Which is High or Low?’ and House and Home’s ‘More or Less’ articles.  As I’ve been starting to think about decor ideas for a big girl room for Lainey (for the future), I thought I would put some ideas together.

girls bedroom 2_final

From Left to Right:
Pottery Barn Kids – White Lydia Chandelier;  Restoration Hardware Baby and Child – Appliqued Frame Cotton Canvas Roman Shade; Restoration Hardware Baby and Child – Vintage Hand-Carved Frames; Restoration Hardware Baby and Child – Braided Wool Baskets; Restoration Hardware Baby and Child – Knit Cotton Pouf; IKEA – Hensvik Cabinet with Shelf Unit; Restoration Hardware Baby and Child – Garment-Dyed Linen Bedding Collection; Pottery Barn Kids – Chevron Wool Rug
girls bedroom budget finalFrom Left to Right:
Target – Dream Big – Yellow; IKEA – Ung Drill Frame; Restoration Hardware Baby and Child – Braided Wool Baskets; Urban Outfitters – Stamped Scallop Rug; IKEA – Kristaller Chandelier; Urban Outfitters – Waterfall Ruffle Curtain (Cool Grey); Target – Threshold Upstate Pouf; Target – Room 365 Mandala 4-piece Toddler Bedding Set; IKEA – Hemnes Chest

Lainey’s Nursery

So after all my nursery projects, I think I’m finally done (well at least for now 🙂 ).  Here are a few pictures of her nursery with some DIY projects I did.  It wasn’t until after I finished them that I realized I should have done a how to.  Oh well, I’m sure I’ll have many more.

Now please keep in mind I’m terrible at taking photos.  I took a ton of photos and wasn’t really impressed with them.  But, I decided they were good enough.  I think next time I’ll get some pointers from my sister (or maybe get her help 🙂 ).

So before Lainey was born I bought an african/jungle animals bedding set.  It was more on the boyish side as both my husband and I swore we were having a boy.  Then I thought well if we have a girl how am I going to make the nursery more “girly” and get pink in there.  I honestly didn’t think the pink would go that nicely with the bedding.  But I think it works.  Here are a couple pictures of her room:

IMG_0211_edit        IMG_0212_edit

I’ve seen tons of neat word collages all over Pinterest so I thought that would be a neat idea to add to her room.  It’s hard to see in these pictures.  I think I’ll have to take another picture so you can see the details.  The lyrics to ‘ You are my Sunshine’ as a subway art collage.  I love how it turned out!

IMG_0234_edit IMG_0238_edit

The pink minky dot change pad cover was another DIY project I did.  These are so easy and look so cute.  I can’t wait to make more.  They are perfect baby shower gifts!  I also have a espresso brown one too that goes with the room.  Then to add a little more pink to the room, I added satin bows to the baskets.

IMG_0233_edit    IMG_0231_ediyt


I got these boxed frames from Michaels.  Then I went online to look for baby animal images that would be easy enough to make with cardstock paper.  I will have to take another picture from the other angle to show off the cute elephant.  And then the middle frame, my sister made for Lainey out of pink buttons of all sizes.

IMG_0221_edit       IMG_0224_edit

…. still to come pictures of her crib.  Little miss was playing in there while I took the other pictures.  Such a cutie.

IMG_0225edit IMG_0228edit