Lainey’s 1st Birthday!

I just realized I haven’t made a post in almost a month.  I wanted to make a post with pictures from Lainey’s 1st Birthday but never got around to it.  I have all her pictures now all together and thought I should share with you her 1st birthday fun!

The theme was the colors Pink, Yellow and Blue.  I guess it’s not really a theme but a color scheme 🙂

I have to admit her birthday was mostly inspired by Pinterest.  I called it a Pinspiring Birthday Party!

I made this tutu from a tutorial I found on Pinterest.  The moment I saw it I thought it would be perfect for her party outfit.  When I first made the tutu for her and had her try it on, she screamed!  She absolutely hated it.  I tried again a month later and she still hated.  But for the big day she had sooo much fun in it.  I have to say though heads up for anyone making one, do NOT use sparkly tulle.  It falls off and gets everywhere!


Here is her cake! Homemade by mama!  I got the idea from another little girls birthday that I saw on Pinterest (surprise eh?)


Hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures!


Lainey’s 1st Birthday Inspiration Ideas

Okay, so Lainey’s 1st Birthday isn’t until September, but it’s my first child and I love to plan things so why not start now!  Here are a few ideas I have….

My inspiration for the theme I got from here:

I just love the colours!

So for the cake I really like the chevron cake with polka dots. However, since I don’t want to go way over board and do a 3-tier cake, I think 2-tier would be perfect with a foam tier for the top. Otherwise I think I might have a lot of left overs.

chevron-birthday-cake-polka-dots    For the bottom tier, I was thinking Pink, with White chevron stripes.

The top tier would be White, with a Yellow quatrefoil and the letter would be Blue.

Then I chose to maybe put a Blue peony flower like I made for Crystal’s

wedding cake.

Then I found out online how to make ruffled streamers!
How cute are these.  a4  I think I’ll do two coloured ones.  Maybe Pink/Blue, and a Blue/Yellow.

Here are some other ideas I had:

birthday yummies


Then what would a 1st Birthday for a girl with out a tutu!  I’m planning to make her a Blue and Pink fluffy tutu.

Crystal’s Wedding Cake

I made this cake back in August (12) for my sister’s wedding.

Since I had been making cakes here and there for birthday’s I wanted to attempt something a bit bigger.

And with her permission I made her a wedding cake.  I took two cake decorating classes at Michaels and then went online to learn the rest.

So this is what she wanted it to look like …
Pinned Image

So this was my first practice flower


… and VOILA! the final product

Image    CIMG1495

We didn’t want to cover the cupcakes in flowers so instead I just put one little gumpaste  rose on each or a small gumpaste flower.