Songs to Read

Lainey just loves her books. I could sit with her and read like ten books at once, she’ll just sit there and enjoy them. It’s real nice when you want a nice cuddle. This week’s post I thought I would share with you Raffi’s Songs to Read Books. If your little one(s) love kids songs, I think they would love these books. Lainey received one as a gift. So then I got her another one to add to the collection, because she loved the Baby Beluga book so much. Maybe I appreciate them because I know the songs from when I was a kid too. When I read the books to her I sing the songs and she sort of dances and sways as I read to her. I think so far our favourite one to read together is the ‘Wheels on the Bus’. She laughs because I do actions with her like when the people go ‘Up and Down, or when the horn goes ‘Beep Beep Beep’. Here is a list of Raffi’s Songs to Read books:

Raffi books collage_final

Here is a link to Raffi’s website:
or you can find the books at your local bookstore.

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