Top 10 Essentials for a New Baby

My little Lainey is 10 1/2 months already, I just can’t believe how fast time flies by.  Being a first time Mom there were so many things I had no idea existed or thought I would need.  Though from suggestions from friends or receiving things as gifts I found out about some pretty helpful things.  So I made a list of 10 baby items that helped me out through the first year of Mommyhood.  Now there are a lot more other baby items that are awesome too, but I couldn’t fit them all in 🙂

Blog_10 baby essentials_final

No. 1 – Baby Help Books: The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems – I love this book.  It sure helped me out with the first couple months when I had no idea where to start.  And the best part is there is an online forum where other Moms post their baby help questions.  Now some people don’t really care to stick to a routine, but for myself it sure helped me understand my baby and her needs.  Plus I soon discovered how she loves to stick to her routine.  This book helps with everything from getting your baby on a routine, help with baby sleep issues, eating help, early potty training and more.
The other book/program I thought was a true life saver was Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense Program – The program I purchased was ‘Proven Strategies for Teaching Your Child to Sleep Through the Night’.  When I purchased the Sleep Sense program my LO was about 4 months old and I had tried everything to teach her to sleep.  We were getting only 30-45min naps at the most and took sometimes 1-2 hrs to get her to fall asleep at night.  The Baby Whisperer did help with this but she was only falling asleep with her paci.  And as soon as that fell out she was wide awake from her nap.  So I began to do some research on books to help teach your baby to fall asleep independently.  So I found Dana’s program and after 2 weeks we had a baby who learned to fall asleep without breastfeeding, without a paci and without rocking.  She now almost begs to go to sleep.  She gets so happy when she knows it’s bed time.

No. 2Minky Swirl Blanket – My LO loves her blanket to death!  We have two for her, one for her crib and one for on the go.  She will not sleep without it.  If she see’s it in my diaper bag she’ll actually pull it out give a little giggle and snuggle it.  It’s so cute!  So I have to say these are a must!

No. 3Sophie  the Giraffe – I first saw these in the store and saw how pricey they were and I thought how could a squeaky toy be so pricey.  Then my niece got one and I saw how much she loved that thing! I soon found out that like every baby had one.  My little girl too loves her little Sophie, she just loves to chew on her and could squeak her for hours 🙂

No. 4Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment – A friend gave me this in a baby shower gift and from the first time I used it on that cute little baby bum I fell in love with this cream 🙂  Not only does it smell sooo good but it works great on diaper rashes.  I felt so bad once my LO started teething and her bum became so red.  But I would slap on a bunch of that ointment and voila! the  rash was gone in the morning.

No. 5Baby Swing – Before I learned how to teach my LO to sleep independently the only way I could get her to nap for more than 45min was in her swing.  In the beginning we realized she hated lying down on her back, because she had reflux.   So, it was hard to find ways to get her to be comfortable sleeping.  The Baby Swing worked wonders in getting her to sleep.

No. 6Miracle Blanket – These things are wonderful for those little escape artists.  Lainey was one of them.  She would get out of every single swaddle my husband and I would wrap her in.  Even the really nice big ones.  This was until a friend gave us a Miracle Blanket swaddle for a baby shower gift.  I have to say the name is perfect, it was a miracle she couldn’t ‘escape’.  My husband can agree that I dreaded the day she grew out of it.  As soon as she grew out of it I moved her to a sleep sack but then she would wake herself up by those flailing arms.  So needless to say we LOVED that swaddle blanket.

No. 7Ubbi Diaper Pail – A good diaper pail, no a great diaper pail is a must!  Let’s face it no one wants to smell stinky diapers.  And it’s one thing that is constantly being used all day long.  In the first few weeks we were just using grocery bags, and these weren’t in any closed pail.  In the beginning it wasn’t so bad because she was just tiny and didn’t really smell because we’d change it quite often.  But that had to end because they started to get stinky fast.  So then I started doing some research and looking through the stores in town to see what they had.  They had those diaper genie’s but those didn’t work for us because we were only using disposables until she was big enough for her cloth diapers.  So I needed a pail I could use still for her disposables and as well for her cloth diapers later.  The only other thing that I found was just a basic plastic pail with a lid.  But a local baby store had the Ubbi Diaper Pails, and some amazing friends got us one as a gift!  These are amazing, and I love ours!  They come in different colours and even have a handy lock so no little fingers can get curious and go inside.  Some of those other pails the stink can sometimes still leak through.  But I’ve never had a stinky smell leak through.  Well except of course when it’s full and I open it and get a wiff.  Now some choose to use Wet Bags for their cloth diapers but I kind of wanted something a little toddler couldn’t get into 🙂  This is one of the best gifts we got, I just love it!

No. 8Lansinoh Nursing Pads – I first tried a couple different kinds, some disposable and some washable reusable ones.  But I wasn’t really happy with anything.  For me the washable ones weren’t good enough because I swear, I would leak through right away.  I tried some other disposable ones but I found they just weren’t that good.  Then I tried the Lansinoh nursing pads because I loved their lanolin cream.  One thing though, I had to use the disposable nursing pads until she was 8-9 months so it got a little pricey over time.  But I think I’d use them for the next one as well.

No. 9Aden and Anais Muslin Swaddle Blanket – Not only are these too cute, but are a must for any Mom.  I love these swaddle blankets because they are lightweight and are huge (47″x47″).  Lainey is 10 months old and I still use it.  It’s perfect because it has been so hot lately that I put this on her when she goes to bed and she won’t be too hot.  When she was baby baby I would use it to swaddle her, or as a blanket in her carseat and was also perfect to drape over her carseat when she was asleep.  I only bought one though because I had a lot of other receiving blankets too.

No. 10 – Lovey: Blanket Teddy or Security Blanket (I think that’s what they are called) – Lainey loves her lovey to death.  Lol, perfect word for them.  She gets soo excited when she see’s her lovey.  And it sure helped her when we decided to take away her paci when she went to bed.  She hugs that little thing and goes straight to sleep.  I had to buy her another one because I was so scared that it was going to get ruined in the wash or get lost or forgotten somewhere.  So now one stays in her crib and one in my diaper bag.
Her other lovey is a little elephant, that was given to her from her Aunty – a Jelly Cat stuffy. We named her Elly 🙂  She loves her Elly just as much and gets all giddy when she sees it.  It’s pretty cute.

Anywho those are some of the things that I thought were essential for my first year of Mommyhood with a new baby.  Boy will things change for the next year ahead 🙂


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