DIY Babylegs

So I got a pair of babylegs as a gift for Lainey’s baby shower.  They are so cute so I had to find a way to make some for myself.  I wanted to make a whole bunch so if I would have bought this many at the store it would get quite pricey.  This Mom made her own :

I love this tutorial, I didn’t realize how super easy these were to make.  After shopping around I found the best place to find them here in Canada were at Target.  They have tons of colors to choose from and I think I paid only $3.  So far I made 3 pairs, which is still less than what I would pay for the original from the store for one.

Here are the steps:

1) Cut off the toe part of the sock and the heel.  So make one cut right before the heel starts.  Or you can cut off a little bit less if you have a shorty like my LO.  Then the next cut right before the toe.


2) Next make the cuff for the bottom of the legging.  Run a stich down one side on each cuff piece.  This will just make it smaller so it will fit around their ankle.


3) Now fold the cuff in half inside of itself (which will have the seam edge now inside, if that makes sense)

You should have now 4 pieces total.  2 for each:


4) Now to attach it to the main piece.  Turn the cuff pieces upside down and slide on main piece.  Your raw edges should be lined up.  Now stich together.  Then unfold right side out.



babylegs pic


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