Lainey is 9 months!


Well I can’t believe our little girl is 9 months already.  I wanted to share what she’s been up to because she has changed soo much in just a month. At the beginning of her 8th month I ended her dreamfeed. So that was a huge adjustment for me. I think though she was already done with it before as I’d get her up to feed and she hardly had an interest to eat. I think I mostly did it for myself as it was one more thing I wanted to do a bit longer. Now I put her down and I don’t hear her until 7am the next morning.

Now some people may roll their eyes or think we’re crazy, but we’re starting to potty train her.   Or should I say right now we’re training Mommy and Daddy to take Lainey to the potty at the right times.  .  I never thought it would be possible, but she’s already got the hang of it, somewhat.   It all started just a couple days before she was 8 months and her poopies were becoming so regular that they happened the exact time everyday.  So one time she was actually trying to go poopy while I was changing her diaper so I just stuck her on the toilet and she went! (yes, I know a little TMI right)  But as of now we’ve had under 5 poopy diapers since then as well as waking up from naps with a dry diaper.   I have to say it sure is nice not to clean up after those diapers!  I have to say though it does take a lot of effort and timing.  But for how long we’ve been at it she’s amazing!  Even if it’s just poopies in the toilet that’s good enough for me for now.  It’s soo cute too to see her little smile after she knows she’s done a good job on the potty.

The other thing she has accomplished like 1 day before she turned 9 months is crawling!!  She’s been at it for about just over 2 weeks, trying to learn.  But she finally has mastered the skill.  She can get around, but just very slowly.  I bet though it won’t be very long and she will be darting across the room before I can catch her.  Which means Mommy and Daddy have to reorganize the house so she can’t get into anything and get a baby gate, pronto!  She is so much happier (even though it seems like she is always happy anyways) that she can get to things herself.  It sure keeps her busy for awhile longer.  (Here are a couple pictures of her scooting around)
lainey scooting
Some other milestones this past month were: Saying her first words ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’, learning to wave bye bye or hello, as well as dancing.  Her dancing is probably the most entertaining.  It always gets a laugh ->
Pretty darn cute!!  She’ll dance to anything from music in the car, cartoon songs to you asking her to dance.  She just loves to boogey!

And the last big milestone she reached this month was her first tooth!!  It’s almost impossible to take a picture of because,  she just doesn’t like to show it off.  I can’t wait till it comes up all the way.  She’ll look so goofy 🙂 (or shall I say just like goofy)

This little princess has given us so much joy over the past few months.  We are so blessed that God gave us this little angel  to be a part of our lives.  I couldn’t imagine my life without her.  It’s only been 9 months but she has changed our lives so much.



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