DIY Chew Bead Necklace

Being the crafty new Mom that I am, I enjoy making things myself. Even though this usually ends up being more work in the long run, but it’s usually a whole lot cheaper. So recently I saw some Mom’s wearing those necklaces that are safe for babies to chew. I had no idea the babies liked them so much and that it feels so good for when they are teething. So Lainey finally really started teething these past 2 weeks. And I thought I might buy one. So I looked online see what styles were available and around what price they were. So they ended up being $20-30 for these silicone beads. So I didn’t want to spend that much on them so I looked online to see if anywhere sold just the beads so I could make one myself. I went to Etsy and they sold individual beads as well as the necklaces. They were a bit cheaper but then once you ad shipping they end up being the same price. Then I found out from some other Mommy bloggers on that Michaels had some for sale in the kids section in their bins. Now when I read the post it was already May and they had them out around Easter time. So I went and hoped to find some. I couldn’t find any until I went back to look for other things and they had one set left of the oval beads. I prefer these ones over the round ones as they look a bit nicer, that’s just my personal opinion. They were about $8 and still regular price. But hey that’s a lot cheaper than what they sell the Chewbeads brand ones for. But they had a 50% off coupon on their app today and I still had a $1 left on my Michaels gift card. I was quite happy with my bargain! Especially since Lainey already seemed quite interested in them. She saw me holding them and wanted to chew on them already. So I got right on it when I got home as she was having quite a rough day with those teeth coming in. That poor girl 😦

Anywho here is the necklace I made…

So here is what they looked like when I bought them. They came on an elastic beading thread already. But A) she would break it for sure and B) I didn’t want it to be stretchy. If she’s going to be pulling on it, it’s going to keep snapping back and hitting me. (LOL not fun!)

IMG_0484[1]So I took the beads off the elastic thread they used and threaded 1/8″ ribbon through it.  I thought since it will be in her mouth this is something easy to clean and okay to be in her mouth.  Here is the ribbon I picked up from Michaels for $0.59 !

I decided to use two strands as the beads are rather heavy being that they are made out of silicone.  Then after I threaded each bead on I tied a knot after each one to keep in place and in case it might break.

Here is the final result…

IMG_0487[1]   IMG_0491

lainey beads


2 thoughts on “DIY Chew Bead Necklace

    • Hi.
      I used a larger needle with a big eye at the end. Then folded the ribbon in half and it went through. I tried to find as thin a ribbon as I could.

      Or you can use a piece of fishing line or thread and loop the ribbon through that, and feed through pulling the thread.

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