Lainey’s 1st Birthday Inspiration Ideas

Okay, so Lainey’s 1st Birthday isn’t until September, but it’s my first child and I love to plan things so why not start now!  Here are a few ideas I have….

My inspiration for the theme I got from here:

I just love the colours!

So for the cake I really like the chevron cake with polka dots. However, since I don’t want to go way over board and do a 3-tier cake, I think 2-tier would be perfect with a foam tier for the top. Otherwise I think I might have a lot of left overs.

chevron-birthday-cake-polka-dots    For the bottom tier, I was thinking Pink, with White chevron stripes.

The top tier would be White, with a Yellow quatrefoil and the letter would be Blue.

Then I chose to maybe put a Blue peony flower like I made for Crystal’s

wedding cake.

Then I found out online how to make ruffled streamers!
How cute are these.  a4  I think I’ll do two coloured ones.  Maybe Pink/Blue, and a Blue/Yellow.

Here are some other ideas I had:

birthday yummies


Then what would a 1st Birthday for a girl with out a tutu!  I’m planning to make her a Blue and Pink fluffy tutu.


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