Sleep Sack for Lainey

After my little girl started growing out of her sleep sack I decided it was time for a new one.  I didn’t realize how pricey they were as the one I had, was given to me as a baby shower gift. So I looked at the one she had and thought it couldn’t be that hard to make one myself. So I looked online at some other Moms had made and it looked like something I could do. So I decided to make one for her. Since summer is approaching I wanted to make her one out of lighter fabric, and the other plus I could choose a unique fabric too. So I went off to the fabric store and picked up all my supplies and then cut out my pattern. Now I decided to make a trial one first so I could make all my mistakes on that one. After it was done I have to say I’m pretty proud doing it all myself.  The only thing after I did the trial one I was so excited to start the final project that I forgot to take pictures of the first couple steps.  So I missed the first couple pictures of the individual pieces 🙂

1) So the first thing I did was trace out a pattern on wax paper using the sleep sack she’s still wearing.  I traced a front piece and a back piece.  Now in my trial run I made the mistake of just cutting out one large piece for the front and one large piece for the back.  Now I’m a beginner sewer so I show my Mom what I’m doing so she can give me sewing tips as I went along.  So she mentioned to me to make a pattern by tracing half of the front and half the back.  Then when you cut it out just fold the fabric in half to get your double pieces.

Now before I cut it out I decided to make myself another pattern for a bigger size.  So it should last at least till she is about 9-10 mths old.  I added an extra inch to the sides to make it wider and then about 3 inches to the bottom to make it longer.  Then once I had my larger pattern I began cutting out the fabric.  When I cut out my pattern on the fabric I had 2 pieces for the front (as this sleep sack I wanted the zipper right down the middle in the front), and then one large piece for the back.

So I cut the pieces for the outside, and then the same for the lining.  Now if I had remembered to take pictures I would have a picture showing 3 different pieces.  Two front pieces and one back piece.  You can look at image 1 what one side of the front looked like.

2)  When I had all my pieces cut out I was ready to sew the outside layer to the inside lining.  So each piece that was the same I put them together and sewed together.  What I did, which maybe someone else might not have done is I just sewed the raw edge with a zig zag stitch.  It’s not the cleanest but it’s in the inside so I didn’t mind.

1) IMG_0196  2) IMG_0201
3) IMG_0200

3)  Then once the pieces were together I could sew on the bias tape for the edging around the top.

4)  Then I put in the zipper.  And since the zipper has those rough edges I wanted to make a little flap to cover it so it wouldn’t be rubbing up against her skin.

4) IMG_0198   IMG_0199

5)  Once the front was together with the zipper I could finish it up and sew the front piece to the back piece.

5)  IMG_0202     IMG_0203     IMG_0204

6)  Lastly, it was time for the snaps.  I could have also done maybe buttons instead but I haven’t mastered the button yet 🙂

And there you have it, another project complete!!

6)  IMG_0206    IMG_0205


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