Door Latch Cover DIY

Here is my door latch cover tutorial for Lainey’s bedroom door.  I got the inspiration from this blog:
Whenever I would go check on her when the door was closed, I swear I would wake her every time I opened the door.  She is very light sleeper!  I now have to play her lullaby music on repeat so there is some sort of noise going while she sleeps.  We discovered when we went to Disneyland she slept better when there was a ton of noise than in a quiet room.  It’s nice that I can vacuum while she sleeps 🙂

So first her door made a small creak  when it opened to a certain spot.  We put some oil on it and that solved that problem.  So normally I would keep her door open a bit during the day for her naps but at night I like to have it closed because only at night I’ve discovered our cat likes to go in there and walk around all the furniture.  I discovered this when I didn’t fully shut the door and he snuck in there and I caught him on the baby monitor.  So then I had to shut the door completely, and when I would go to check on her I would wake her up every time I opened the door.  So I decided to find a DIY door latch cover online.

Here is what I did.  I decided to use a different thicker fabric than the one in her tutorial, as it matches her change pad cover and pillow in her room.  And it’s pink of course!

1) I used pink minky dot fabric that I had left over from making her change pad cover.
If anyone is going to try it with this fabric, a warning that this fabric is a bit difficult to
sew with in small pieces.  It’s so stretchy and slinky but after a few tries I managed.
So I cut two rectangular pieces 2 1/2″ x 5″
Then I cut a piece of cotton batting the same length
And then got one of my thicker hair elastics (I had a pink one too!) and cut it in half

2) Then I put the batting down first, one piece of fabric (right side up),
then I layed down one elastic piece on one end of the fabric  in a loop shape, and the other on the other end.
Next I layed down the other piece of fabric (right side down).

3)  So when I was sewing I pinned everything down and tried to sew it all together.
This is where I ran into the problem of the fabric bunching up on me.  I tried twice but it just wasn’t working for me.
So I took out the stitching and tried a different approach.  I took out the elastics and sewed along one long edge to keep it together,
then I started to sew along one of the shorter sides a tiny bit to get that part started.  Then I raised the foot on the sewing machine and
slid the elastic in and pinned it down.  I kept sewing and it worked perfectly.  Then I did the same thing to the other short end.
Finally I sewed up the last long side but left a little bit so I could turn it right side out and then sewed up the little hole.

 Now it’s ready to put on the door, like this….

(note:  I liked using this fabric because it’s super soft and stretchy.  The thicker fabric I find holds the latch a bit nicer.  And a bit nicer to open and close)

We now can successfully check on her without waking the little one and no unwanted visitors in the room 🙂


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